FeedBlitz Users Speak: Crawl – Walk – Run for Rowperfect

gone_rowing_sign (FB)Today’s post is from the good folks at Rowperfect UK.

Rowperfect got introduced to FeedBlitz through its marketing agency, Creative Agency Secrets. The initial attraction of the service is the single monthly fee for all our mailings plus the ‘set-and-forget’ nature of the newsletter created out of the blog RSS feed. As a growing, small business, we really love good value for money and marketing automation tools.

Growing up into the FeedBlitz Features

The team settled down and began exploring the higher features – the first one that caught our eye was the ability to send out autoresponders. Our first one was an extension of the welcome message for new subscribers. We learned about how autoresponders wok and started putting in a few more articles. Mainly we want people to see the incredible archive we’ve built of informational blog posts for the sport of rowing. Our readers now get one message a month, automatically. And we’ve built three more expert autoresponders on niche topics – coaching, rigging and coxing.

Treat Different Customers Differently

Our work this year has been around spitting out the mailing list into different user types so each gets customized content suited to their interests. When new readers join we use custom fields to identify their rowing club and individual interest area.

The challenge here is by telling our readers about the new newsletters, we are reminding them that they can unsubscribe. This has caused a small anxious rush of blood to the head as readers unsubscribed from the main list without re-subscribing.

We are choosing to follow up each of these individually with a message encouraging them to pick an alternative list to join. We’re sure custom lists are an advantage for readers and so part of our work now is highlighting in a weekly blog post what’s going on in each of the separate lists so readers can see what they’re missing.

Planning for our FeedBlitz Future

Despite being FeedBlitz customers for over two years, we are still finding new features that fit with our marketing plan and within our budget.

  • Using former subscribers to recruit custom audiences in Facebook
  • Integrating parsers into our shop checkout
  • Random reader draws for prize winners in our monthly free prize draw

We found out about Custom Audiences in Facebook – where FB matches user profiles against your existing newsletter list and shows your status update/advert to people with similar profiles. We tested this by downloading from FeedBlitz all the unsubscribers’ addresses – did you know that FeedBlitz holds onto all subscribers details in their mail list, including those who no longer receive your news? We think this is really powerful.

Parsers are waiting to be actioned – but we want to email folks with an up-sell offer driven direct from FeedBlitz so someone who downloads a free e-book is immediately emailed with a discount offer for a paid one.

Random subscriber draws are just great – no chance to cheat with FeedBlitz – you choose to select one random subscriber, and that’s what happens. We send out a free prize each month and this always has a little tingle of fun about it….. who will win? Even we don’t know.

We’d love to hook up with other FeedBlitz users to share tricks/techniques and expertise. Shall we all join the FeedBlitz Publishers Linked In Group?