FeedBlitz Users Speak: How it Helps Us AND Our Clients

Three years ago, I used FeedBlitz to migrate my personal blog from FeedBurner as the RSS email delivery service. Now our team uses FeedBlitz on a regular basis, for multiple blogs, incorporating as much functionality as possible.

As a marketing agency, we manage blogs integrated with various social media platforms, create newsletters, and use autoresponders and one-off emails to mailing lists all promoting our clients’ businesses.

Previously we used Campaign Monitor for our newsletters, which meant each email had to be written and formatted by our team, sent to a designer, transferred to HTML, and finally uploaded by our team and sent. This sounds tedious now, but we didn’t realize how time-consuming it was until we made the switch to FeedBlitz.

We created our first autoresponder, and started doing more frequent email sends. We also started to incorporate newsletter automated scheduling, which provided us the opportunity to send multiple times a month instead of just once.

It didn’t take long for us to begin moving our clients over to FeedBlitz. (The expense was less for our clients versus the Campaign Monitor $5 per mailing plus $0.01 per address pricing structure.)

We really love the option of handling clients through our own login or setting them up independently.

We use FeedBlitz for:

  • Automatic newsletter scheduling
  • RSS feeds – multiple feeds for sophisticated marketers
  • Email blasts to different lists
  • Upwards of two autoresponders per client
  • Social media auto-posting to Facebook* and Twitter
  • Metrics and deliverability analysis
  • Affiliate referral fee earnings

The ability to track metrics is essential for what we do, and it’s one of the reasons we use FeedBlitz. We’re able to track spikes in subscribers and correlate them to various marketing campaigns. These metrics provide us with evidence of success and growth.

Even though the cost of using FeedBlitz is low compared to what we used to pay our previous provider, there are additional ways to offset costs. For example, we use the affiliate program for referrals , we sell FeedBlitz expert services to migrate clients onto FeedBlitz and we also do the FeedBurner migration.

Never mind the fact Phil Hollows is a friend and client (Creative Agency Services provides website, design, and SEO services for FeedBlitz), the service has made us more efficient and effective.

How are you using FeedBlitz for your business or blog? We want to hear from you! Send your guest blog suggestion to Kate Finley.

*Due to changes in Facebook, this feature has been deprecated.