FeedBurner Officially Not Listening Any More

So is this how it ends – with a whimper not a bang.

Yesterday, Google officially shut down the FeedBurner twitter account – http://twitter.com/FeedBurner – and its associated (awkwardly – but revealingly – named) blog, AdSense for Feeds.

It’s a sad end for the once great FeedBurner brand. Google has long been tone deaf to users’ cries for help from FeedBurner, but they’ve now formally opted out of any and all conversations, shedding nearly 12,000 Twitter followers en route. Could you do that? Would you? I suppose at least they have at last stopped pretending to engage.

So. What does it say about a service when its social media presence is removed? It speaks volumes.

I have no insight into Google’s plans, but with the FeedBurner API officially deprecated, the blog and Twitter account now officially dead, what’s next? The forums, perhaps? And then what?

The FeedBurner service continues – for now. But if this action gives you pause – and it really, really should – and you want a supported, reliable, RSS and email automation service for your blog, podcast, publication, then download our free FeedBurner Migration Guide and see for yourself what’s involved in safely switching.


  1. Howdy,

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    I just signed up for my free FeedBlitz trial and I am looking forward to implementing it on my blog. I am wondering, though, could I set up an autoresponder when someone comments on my blog like y’all have when someone requests the FeedBurner Migration Manual?

    Love is the Law, Love under Will.

    Most sincerely,
    Jessica Sideways

  2. phollows says:

    Hi Jessica: Absolutely! Everything you see on this site involving email is done via FeedBlitz. The sequence that starts when the migration guide form is submitted is an autoresponder, directly subscribed to. It has a custom landing page so you can access the doc right away. At the end of the sequence a trigger fires and moves the reader to the main bog list.

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