Five Tips for Loving Your List this Holiday Season

1. Stay Relevant

You’ll probably find yourself writing – and therefore mailing – more, especially if your blog can find a holiday angle. Just ensure that your writing and email volume doesn’t go so far off-piste that your piste-off your readers (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).

2. Break the News

If you’ve just discovered a great online offer, or it’s about to expire, a Newsflash is a great way to get the word out ahead of a typical overnight mailing. Newsletters – Mailings – Newsflash

3. Reward your subscribers

In last week’s “List Building for Bloggers” #LBB post I discussed using incentives on an ongoing basis to help keep subscribers engaged. One way is to mail them a special offer – maybe an extra discount on your products – or holiday tip before it gets on the blog (if at all). FeedBlitz users can send a special offer to just the list via Newsletters – Mailings – Newsflash.

4. Winterize your template

Got a seasonal logo? Affiliate code you want to embed in your mailings? Then grab your iSleigh and slide over to the Advanced Template Editor under Newsletters – Settings. Upload your seasonal graphics, or (for affiliate code) switch to the source view and paste in the HTML from your affiliate program.

5. Don’t overdo it

Writing an extra post or two each week is great – but if you overload our list with holiday mailings or offers you also risk inducing reader-fatigue. Watch the open, click through and unsubscribe rates in your delivery metrics report; if they start to decline then try backing off a little.