Four Ways to Grow Your Business This Holiday Season

Grow your BusinessThe holiday shopping season will soon be upon us.

I often see small business owners assume this season is just a time for the big retailers to shine. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, there are many opportunities available at this very moment for you to grow your business: To not only increase sales – but also exposure – well into the new year.

Below are four tips I use and have found to be successful in leveraging the holidays to grow my business.

Make the Most of Gift Guides and HAROs

Open any edition of (HARO) today and you will likely see several queries for gift guide ideas. These are great opportunities to have your product showcased on a popular website. If your business isn’t a good fit, don’t be afraid to create your own guide that can be promoted via your site and social media.

And while you are already digging through those HARO queries looking for gift guide requests, look for other relevant inquiries. These regular emails from are free and include request from various media who are looking for story sources and products to feature. These queries can be an ongoing source of publicity for your small business.

Grow Your Newsletter

Create a coupon code or other promotional offer that can be obtained in exchange for an email address. You can then continue the conversation by keeping those who provide their email address with your holiday promotions and continue the relationship long after the shopping season has ended.

Get Out of the House

This is the season for holiday parties and get-togethers. Go. One of the first things a person asks a new acquaintance is, “What do you do for a living?” This is your chance to meet a new crowd of potential clients and customers. Note of caution: Don’t be over sales focused at the party. Instead, hand over your business card to those interested and set up a time to discuss business after the party.

Other great outings to consider are trade shows and fundraisers. It is common this time of year for churches and community groups to have shopping events that support small businesses in the community while offering busy parents a quick and easy way to shop for gifts. There may be a nominal fee involved, but this is another chance to land customers for the long run.

Get Personal

Reward and acknowledge your existing customers. Send a thank you. Give your biggest advocates a shout-out on social media. It creates emotion. It lets those on the sidelines know you pay attention and you care about your customers. It gets people talking and that creates a natural, honest, unprovoked referral system. And that is something advertising dollars can’t buy. Take a page from Zappo’s CEO: If you spend more on customer service than marketing, you’ll be going places quickly.

These are a few of my favorite ways to market a my business during the Fourth Quarter. What is your strategy for the upcoming months?

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Angie Nelson has been a home business owner since 2007. Today she balances several online ventures and shares her passion for home business with others on her blog <a href=””>The Work at Home Wife</a>.