From "Like" to Subscribe: Facebook and Email Marketing Integration Done Right

The Facebook “Like” button is now in all FeedBlitz emails by default, completing FeedBlitz’s 360 degree integration with the world’s most popular social media web site. Adding the “Like” button enables subscribers to highlight articles to their friends and followers, increasing the reach of your mailing and helping to grow your list virally. If you’re reading this by email, scroll to the end to see the button in action. Go ahead, like this!

Finishing the “like” play, FeedBlitz’s RSS stats tracking service, the premium FeedBurner alternative, also has a “Like” flare now available to FeedBlitz RSS publishers.

Facebook Subscription Options – App and Online

In addition to the “Like” button in FeedBlitz-powered email marketing, our Facebook integrations have been extended with a new Facebook app. Using this app (found at you can add a “subscribe” tab to your Pages to help grow your list with the page’s Facebook visitors. Different pages can offer different lists to visitors, so you can tune the subscription form to match that Page’s audience.

On your list’s online subscription forms, FeedBlitz has added a Facebook subscription option to the list. When a subscriber subscribes via Facebook, your content is pushed to that user’s Pages and friends – it’s a little like having them click “Like” automatically on every post! The effect is to spread your words to social networks on Facebook that you would not otherwise be able to reach.

Linking Facebook Auto-Posts to Your List

When you enable FeedBlitz to post to your Facebook Wall, Page or Group, it doesn’t simply post the text of your article. FeedBlitz also includes a link to your list’s subscription form in the post, so every time FeedBlitz posts on your behalf it is another opportunity to grow your list again, closing the loop back to your email list. Although this isn’t new functionality, it is an essential part of the 360 degree Facebook integration FeedBlitz offers, because it’s more than a post to a Page: It’s an invitation to subscribe.

360 Degree Facebook / Email Marketing Integration – Delivered

So FeedBlitz’s comprehensive Facebook and email marketing integration:

  • Pushes posts to Facebook that link back to your list’s subscription form;
  • Adds “Like” buttons to emails and RSS feeds that promote page views and sharing;
  • Offers a new Facebook app to gather subscriptions within Facebook;
  • Uniquely enables online subscriptions to Facebook users, so you can promote your content to third party social networks.

No other service has this degree of integration with Facebook and email marketing. To get it working for you now, you have to take a couple of quick steps to make the most of these features.

Next Steps

Start a trial today if you are not already using FeedBlitz, and then start by adding our Facebook app to your Pages. Then go to Newsletters – Mailings – Facebook and enable smart posting to your Facebook Pages, Walls and Groups. That’s it! Everything else is enabled automatically.

Need Help? Check the Knowledge Base.

Check out the new Facebook category on the FeedBlitz knowledge base for more information, step-by-step guides and where to find the relevant options on the web site.