Growing Your List: Bonus Tips and Tricks


Now that you have a solid framework in place including customized subscription forms, subscription process and email template, or are currently working to get things in line, we would like to share a few tips on fine tuning the process. Below are a few things our FeedBlitz Support Staff does to take our publisher’s to the next level and ensure streamlined and cohesive email marketing.

Mailing Schedule

FeedBlitz offers a variety of mailing schedules for your convenience as a publisher. Express is our most common setting as mailings are sent twice in one hour. We poll active feeds every 15 minutes and send new postings in the next available Express mailing with this schedule.  However if you post multiple times a day, it may be best to mail once daily with All New Posts to avoid over-sending emails to your subscribers. Adjust this schedule under your Mailing List’s Settings tab as seen below:

Newsletter Settings - FeedBlitz.png

Newsletter Settings - FeedBlitz (1).png

You can use these controls to adjust your mailings to what suits both your site and your subscribers.

Auto-Posting to Social Channels

FeedBlitz publishers are able to link their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to their feeds for automatic posting to these social channels. Doing so in the Site Dashboard, select I want to…Set Up a New….Social Media Posting, this takes out the extra step of manually posting their content. Social updates are posted within 30 minutes of publishing a new post, not on the same schedule as email notifications. We recommend using this feature to broaden the reach of your content and reach possible new subscribers across all social channels.

Color Matching to Your Site


Matching your FeedBlitz materials to your site’s branding is even easier with the color matching plugin for Google Chrome called Eye Dropper. Our Support Team uses this tool frequently to match colors for our publishers. We’ve found it to be a quick, reliable tool to enhance branding cohesiveness between a publisher’s website and their FeedBlitz mailings.

Subscription Options – Daily or Weekly Updates

If you post multiple times a day, even multiple times a week, we recommend offering subscription options to your readers. This allows your reader to choose how frequently they hear from you and has shown to be very effective in subscriber retention (more on that below).

Did you know? The most common reason we see for unsubscription is due to too many updates. As a publisher, it can be difficult to determine the exact amount of mailings each subscriber would prefer. Offering varying subscription options allows your readers to choose the frequency that suits them best.

To create this option, start with separate mailing lists for each possible mailing, i.e. On Demand, Daily, or Weekly. Once these lists are in place, follow along the steps in this video from our FeedBlitz Support YouTube Channel to create subscription forms with new options. 

Trouble viewing this video? Please click here.

The Unsubscribe Page

When someone unsubscribes from your list they are taken first to a page to confirm their request, then redirected to a default FeedBlitz page announcing their request is complete. This second page is where you can step in and redirect them to a new landing page. Here you can offer an incentive for staying, an option to subscribe to fewer updates from you, mention you are sorry to see them go, or even invite them to stay in touch on various social networks. Our publishers with multiple subscription options have found redirecting users to a page offering a new delivery option can be quite effective in retaining subscribers.

To redirect this URL, navigate to your Mailing List Settings, and under Subscriber Interaction, Activation and Notification, click the standard FeedBlitz opt-out page, then enter the new URL here:

Activation Link Boxes - Opt Out Redirect.png

Opt-In Offers

If you are really interested in driving the growth of your list, an opt-in offer, or incentive for subscribing, is one of the best tactics you can employ. Make this offer the focus of your subscription pop up to grab a reader’s attention or add it to your post footer subscription boxes to incentivize readers to join your list. Your opt-in offer can be anything your readers would find of value – a free PDF download, access to an archived webinar or podcast not available on your site, a checklist of sorts. The options here are plenty, with the focus on providing a solution to your readers’ problems, peaking their interest into joining your list to receive the free material not readily available to others who visit your site.

Welcome Emails

A welcome email completes the fully customized subscription process. Sent as a single email Funnel, these emails are automatically delivered to new subscribers once they confirm their subscription. This is a great way to deliver any incentive or opt-in you offered for new subscribers, as well as a surprise bonus coupon, downloadable or webinar. It brings the subscription process full circle and further engages your new subscriber.

Both the Opt-In Offers and Welcome Emails lead us into our February focus which is on our Funnels feature. Funnels are one of our favorite tools at FeedBlitz and one which our publishers have really put to great use. We’re very excited to be diving into them more in depth over these upcoming weeks! Used for a variety of reasons including increasing engagement, establishing re-engagement, marketing campaigns, online courses and more, Funnels are the next area of focus for publishers once they have the framework of their account up and running.

Have questions on the tips mentioned above or any of our FeedBlitz features? Send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


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