Heatmaps Are Here!

Here at FeedBlitz, we are proud of the set-and-forget format of our RSS to email publishing service. It’s a great, simple, painless way to deliver your content to your blog’s subscribers.

However, FeedBlitz is not only an RSS to email service. We also offer a full array of email marketing tools which we’re continually improving on. And so today we are proud to announce that…

Heatmaps are here!

Over the weekend we quietly rolled out our new heatmap feature. For those who haven’t used them before, heatmaps are a visual representation of how subscribers interact with your newsletter and are a great way to easily determine what links are clicked on, and how often. If you use Google Analytics, you might be familiar with the heatmap concept from over there.

To access this new capability, log into your FeedBlitz account, click on your mailing list and scroll down to the “Mailing Activity” tile. Next to each of the recent mailings made since this feature was released you will see a “Heatmap” link. This feature can also be accessed from the Delivery Metrics page of each newsletter.

FeedBlitz Heatmap ExampleWhen you look at a FeedBlitz heatmap, you will see percentages over each link that has been clicked. These percentages are based on the total number of clicks that a single mailing has received. Hovering over a link will trigger a popup that gives even more detailed information: The total number of clicks, the number of times the link appeared within the email, and exactly where that link points. The link itself will also be highlighted with a big blue border, as shown in the screenshot here.

The click-through data displayed with the heatmap itself is also real-time. You can see the data flow in as soon as subscribers begin interacting with the mailing.

What good comes from knowing what links are clicked?

You can use click totals and percentages to experiment with both anchor text and link placement to determine what drives subscribers to take action (in this case, click).

Heatmaps work with any mass mailing you choose to send from FeedBlitz, whether automated or manually initiated. You can therefore compare one mailing to another, say, or you can try using suppression lists to send mailings to part of a list and compare it to a modified version sent to the rest of the list. You can use either the On-Demand mailing or the Newsflash (email blast) capability for this basic type of A/B testing.

Want to feel the heat your mailings generate? Log in and explore! This is just the first of the changes we’ve made as a result of the insights Phil wrote about yesterday. Meanwhile, if you haven’t done so already, download our free e-book Making the Most of FeedBlitz to see what other more advanced capabilities there are you might want to try.