Help! My Subscriptions have stopped coming

Subscriptions may stop arriving for a number of reasons, including:

  • Your email address bounced
  • You were unsubscribed
  • Your account was suspended
  • We received a complaint from your address and unsubscribed you
  • There is an issue with your ISP or spam filter
  • Your white list is incomplete
  • Your email program’s rules a mis-handling emails we send
  • There is a problem with the publisher’s account or web site.

Before you contact support, there are several steps you should take to re-start your subscriptions.

1) Check your junk or spam folders, or your third party anti-spam service if you have one.

If an email from FeedBlitz is there, mark is at not spam. Continue to step 2 below.

2) Check your white list of approved senders and ensure FeedBlitz is correctly listed.

All FeedBlitz emails will have the address as the sender (the “from” and “reply to” addresses may be those of the email’s publisher, but our address is always in the email envelope as well).

Please ensure that you have in your white list at BOTH your ISP or inbound email (SMTP) server, AND in your personal email software or webmail system. Some services let you block by content or by sender; you should choose by sender.

3) Check that your subscription is active

Go to and go to Subscriptions | All Subscriptions | Restart. Make sure that your subscription is there and checked on (if it is not checked on it means you were unsubscribed). Save your changes and mailing will recommence.

4) Make sure your inbox has enough space to receive FeedBlitz emails

If you’re running out of space your ISP may decline the email because you don’t have enough room for our email. Archive or delete some of your older emails and you should start to receive new ones again.

5) Do not forward emails using your email software – use “email to a friend” instead.

If you forward an email we sent to you using the “forward” button on your email client your recipient may mark is as spam or click the unsubscribe link in the email in a mistaken attempt to stop you from sending any more emails to them. The unsubscribe link is tied to your email address, so when the person you forward the mail to clicks “unsubscribe” it looks to us like it is you who is unsubscribing. The same is true if the recipient clicks “spam” in their email. If we get a feedback loop complaint from their ISP as a result (FeedBlitz is on all major ISP feedback loops) it will look to us, again, as if you complained and so you will be unsubscribed.

The “proper” way to forward and article is to us the “email to a friend” link in most FeedBltz emails, which avoids all these problems.

6) Check your email system’s rules aren’t mis-directing the emails

If you have rules set up to route mail from specific senders or particular topics to different folders – or even delete certain kinds of incoming mail – make sure that your rules aren’t accidentally sending mail to a place you don’t expect.

If you expected a mail from us and it isn’t in your inbox quickly check your other folders – including the junk and deleted items folders – to see if the email ended up somewhere unexpected. Then figure out the rule responsible and update it to correctly route the incoming email.

If after checking your white list, verifying that the subscription is active and your inbox has enough room your subscriptions STILL aren’t coming…

Please contact FeedBlitz technical suport via email. We keep delivery logs to verify when any email was sent to you and we can share them with you if you need to open a support case with a downstream proivider. Support will also be able to tell you whether the subscriptions have stopped because of a publisher payment issue or some other technical account problem. If the issue is with your ISP (unlikely – FeedBlitz acceptance rates range between 99.60% and 99.80% according to third party measurement service Return Path) we are happy to resoolve them in order to keep your subscriptions arriving.