How can I change my email address?

Log in and go to My Account | My Profile and change your address there. As long as the address you are changing to is not already in FeedBlitz you are done.

If the address you want to IS already in use then you will need to merge your “old” account into the existing new one. It’s a simple, three step process, started at My Account | Merge Accounts.

  1. Specify the “new” email address you want to change to and start the process.
  2. Log out of FeedBlitz, then log back in using the “new” email address.
  3. Go to My Account | Merge Accounts and approve the merger.

Once the merger is approved, all subscriptions and emailings will be moved across, and the “old” account marked as deleted.

Merge Account Restrictions

  • You can only have one merge request active.
  • If the merger is not approved within 72 hours it lapses.
  • The “new” account must have the same or better privileges (i.e. you can’t merge a paying account into a free account)