How did you get my email address?

Email addresses can end up in FeedBlitz in one of two ways: via a web-based subscription or via a publisher importing the list from a different service. FeedBlitz does not buy or rent names from other sources, nor do we “scrape” web sites for addresses. The only way an email address gets in to FeedBlitz is if an end-user has added it.

If you wish to report abuse, or believe that a third party has maliciously started the dual opt-in subscription process, please write to technical support using the address in question to prove that you have control over it. We retain and log IP address and timestamp information involved in account and subscription creation and are happy to share that information with you if you are the email’s owner.

To stop receiving emails from us you can simply unsubscribe immedeiately using the link at the foot of each email (no login is required), or you can log in and then either unsubscribe using the menu options on the Subscriptions tab, or close your account using My Account | Close Account.