How do I change the name of my newsletter?

This change will need to be done in two places.  The first step will be to click on your feed on the dashboard. On the next page, please click the “I Want To” button in the upper right area of the page.

Please select “Feed Settings” from the drop down menu.  On the next page you will be able to update your Feed name.

Please make sure to click the grey “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page when complete.

Next, you can update the Title of your Newsletter.  From the dashboard, select your NewsLetter. On the next page click, click the “I Want To” button. Select “Settings, schedule” from the drop down menu. From here you can click the blue “edit” hyperlink to the right of the title.

A popup will appear, allowing you to enter your Newsletter title.  When completed, make sure to click the gray “Save Settings” button.