How do I unsubscribe / get removed from a list?

You do not need to log in to FeedBlitz to unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe from a specific mailing, click the link “Click here to safely unsubscribe” which is at the end of each mailing (if you receive a digest mailing with content for more than one list in it, the unsubscribe link appears at the end of each list’s individual section). You will then be taken to a web screen to confirm your request and to optionally tell the publisher why you’re leaving the list.

When you confirm, you will be immediately removed and you will not receive future mailings from that list (although it is possible that you will receive an additional email if a mailing to that list happens to be already under way when you unsubscribe).

If for some reason you are unable to access the web-based confirmation form, please try again after a few minutes, or write to the support email address at FeedBlitz with the text “unsubscribe” or “remvoe” in the subject line and the name of the list you wish to be removed from in the body of the email. You will be removed from the list within one business day.

You can also send a written removal request by postal mail to the address at the foot of the email. Your request will be honored within a business day of your letter being received.

Consequences of unsubscribing

Once you unsusbcribe from a list, the publisher of that list is prevented from importing you into any other list they manage.

In order to prevent abuse of your email address, if you wish to restore a subscription that you previously unsubscribed from you will be required to log in to FeedBlitz to re-activate it.

Other ways to be removed from a list

FeedBlitz will also terminate your subscription automatically if it receives a “hard bounce” from your ISP, a succession of “soft bounces” indicating that the email account appears to be abandoned or is not accepting mail from us, or if we receive a complaint via an ISP feedback loop which indicates that your address reported the mail as spam. You – an you alone – can bring back a prior subscription by logging in to FeedBlitz, going to Subscriptions | All Subscriptions | Restore.