How FeedBlitz Makes Copyblogger an Even Better Publisher

This is a guest post by Jessica Commins, Copyblogger Media’s Executive VP of Operations.

Not everyone is a detail person, but everyone has their “thing.”

For some, it’s the materials used for the counters of their dream home. For others, it’s the origin of the herbs in their neighborhood-famous casserole.

For me — strange as it may sound to some — it’s the features offered by our email service.

I know what you’re thinking: “Get a life, Jessica!”

But that’s just it ?á

When we use an email service that has everything I need, I have more time to enjoy my life.

And when it comes to the delivery of Copyblogger’s daily articles, FeedBlitz does just that.

Our main content site,, serves a tremendous amount of people every month with daily insights and expert tips. And for those who don’t want to miss a thing, we have to make sure they don’t. That’s why we trust FeedBlitz to keep our email delivery simple and working perfectly.

We moved our daily post delivery over to FeedBlitz a couple of months ago, and since then it’s been smooth sailing. We set up a template that jives with our online presence and tied in our RSS feed, which was already with FeedBlitz after we ran screaming from FeedBurner a while back. Then we set up some easy rules, and we’ve been off to the races ever since.

Importing our gigantic list took a couple of hours, and what could have been a nerve-wracking process (Oh man, is this going to email everyone before I’m ready?! AAAAAH!) was made easy with the patient and kind support we got from the FeedBlitz team.

Our first email went out to our list the very next morning and our distribution process has never been easier.

On the rare occasion when we run a promotion that we don’t want emailed to people who already own the product, we can now easily suppress those members with FeedBlitz’s simple list suppression tool and manually send the promotion to everyone else.

Other than that, it’s all automated. That means:

  1. Our VP of Marketing isn’t manually sending blog post emails every morning.
  2. Our CFO is happier, because the cost to get more done in less time is a lot less.
  3. I get to do my job with a lot less stress!

And with all these happy campers running around Copyblogger’s post-geographic office, even our CEO Brian Clark is wearing some cheer on his face 😉

So, if you’re looking for a service that will reliably get your emails where they need to go, amplify your content for the people who want it, and give you more time to do the things you really enjoy?á I highly recommend you consider FeedBlitz.

It may not be as exciting as a dream home or a delicious casserole, but it sure will give you more time and peace of mind to enjoy them (or whatever your thing may be).

About the Author: Jessica Commins is Copyblogger Media’s Executive VP of Operations and a connoisseur of iced tea. You can find her discussing the finer things in life on Twitter or Google+.