How many mailing lists can I have in a single account?

There is no limit. You can have multiple mailings from different sources with their own branding and customization, all handled with the same account log in.

You can also have multiple mailings with consistent branding applied to all lists via our Master Template feature.

You can also use the same RSS feed to generate mailings to one list ASAP (our “Express” schedule), to a dufferent list daily, and to another list weekly.

You can even apply filters to have separate lists that receive only the articles you pick based on their tags or categories.

All lists are independenty managed and a subscriber can unsubscribe from one list while staying subscribed to others that you run. You can elect to have one form subscribe visitors to just one list, or have them choose from multiple lists at the same time.

Finally, you can have subscribers sign up for autoresponders for drip marketing, either directly using a form, or automatically when a subscription to a newsletter is activated via dual opt-in.