How to Get Started in Online Video – Guest Post

Thanks Phil for having me on the FeedBlitz blog to talk a little video. For those I haven’t met yet…a virtual quick hello and nice to meet you.

A quick background before we get into the meat and potatoes: My name is David Siteman Garland. I’m the founder of The Rise To The Top where I do in-depth, fluff-free, no-holds-barred video interviews with unique entrepreneurs and big thinkers; plus articles, video blogs and more all aimed at helping hustling entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs). Perhaps due to insanity, since 2008 I’ve made over 500 videos on the web in all kinds of formats with over 2,000,000 views to date. I have essentially been a video guinea pig trying everything under the sun. But enough about me, here are the goods:

In this fluff-free video you learn:

  • Why video is the next best thing to face-to-face communication
  • Content? Audio quality? Lighting? Video quality? What is the most important factor and the least important (and why)?
  • Ideas to get started for bloggers, content creators and aspiring video superstars

So get started and give it a try today!

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