How to Migrate RSS Feed Subscribers from FeedBurner

1. Create Your FeedBlitz Account

If you have not already done so, register for your account at FeedBlitz by clicking here.

2. Log in to FeedBlitz

After you log in you will be on the Account tab. Click the “RSS” tab in the upper left green box, which takes you to the feed management area.

3. Start the FeedBurner Import Migration Wizard

FeedBlitz has a very easy to use migration wizard to help move your feed settings over to FeedBlitz. You need to run it once for each FeedBurner feed you want to move over.

Click the yellow “FeedBurner Import” button in the left hand sidebar to begin.

4. Provide your FeedBurner log in credentials

FeedBlitz will use this data to access your FeedBurner data. This log in data is not kept by FeedBlitz, and no FeedBurner settings will be changed by FeedBlitz.

5. Pick the Feed to Import

Choose the feed \you want to transfer, and press the “Continue” button. By default, FeedBlitz will also import your FeedBurner email subscribers if you have them. If you do not want FeedBlitz to import email subscribers (you can always do it later) ensure that the email import checkbox is unchecked.

When you import your FeedBurner email subscribers using FeedBlitz they do NOT have to opt in again.

This is an example screenshot; you will see your feeds instead. If no feeds appear please contact FeedBlitz technical support for advice; it will probably be because you have an older FeedBurner account and have not yet transitioned your FeedBurner account over to the full Google infrastructure.

6. Tell FeedBlitz where to save the email subscribers

If you chose to import email subscribers then you will be asked where to save the importees.

If you have lists already defined in FeedBlitz, you can choose to add these new subscribers to that list (FeedBlitz de-duplicates if any of the imported subscribers are already on that list). If you use an existing list, only an import takes place. The existing lists’s design and schedule are unchanged.

Alternatively, you can simply copy all your FeedBurner feed’s details by picking the second option in the drop down called “– Create a new Newsletter –” This option will import the subscribers AND the graphic design AND your FeedBurner mailing time zone and schedule preferences. If you are new to FeedBlitz, use this method as it configures the complete mailing in one fell swoop.

If you are not importing FeedBurner email subscribers, you will be presented with a simple screen asking you to confirm that you wish to continue.

Whichever email subscriber import option you pick, remember that no FeedBurner settings are changed by FeedBlitz, and none of your FeedBurner services will be affected by the process.

7. Start the Import Process

When you are ready, click the button to start the migration.

8. Next Steps

The migration wizard sets up and configures your FeedBlitz RSS feeds and your email services based on your FeedBurner settings. Once done, there are several steps you need to take before finally disabling your FeedBurner feed services.

  1. If you imported email subscribers, mailings are now active at both FeedBurner and FeedBlitz
    1. Disable FeedBurner mailings at Publicize | Email Subscriptions | Deactivate at
    2. At FeedBlitz, click the Newsletters tab and generate your email subscription form at Newsletters | Forms | Subscription Forms.
    3. Explore your email services, set up Twitter and Facebook distributions and more via the Newsletters tab.
  2. Explore your new feed’s options via the RSS tab.
    1. Set up branding, smart truncation and more at RSS | Settings
    2. Add social media buttons via RSS | Flares
    3. Insert Twitter posts, other RSS feeds, Flickr photos, YouTube videos and more via RSS | Splices
    4. Get widgets, autodiscovery links and more at RSS | Promote
  3. When you have updated your links and other services currently using FeedBurner, update then delete the FeedBurner feed:
    1. Log in to FeedBurner and pick your feed from the FeedBurner dashboard.
    2. Click “Edit Feed Details…” in the upper left.
    3. IMPORTANT: Ensure that your new FeedBlitz feed is listed as the “Original Feed.”
    4. Save the Feed Details.
    5. Check your feed at FeedBurner is now your FeedBlitz feed.
    6. Now click “Delete Feed…” at the top of the page.
    7. IMPORTANT: Ensure “30-day Redirect” is CHECKED.
    8. Click the “Delete Feed” button.
    9. FeedBurner will redirect feed readers to FeedBlitz for 15 days.
    10. After that it will put out a post telling readers to update their feed readers for the next 15 days.
    11. During the 30-day transition period, blog / tweet that readers need to update their readers!