How to Personalize Your Emails

Typewriter typing Dear Sir or Madame

Increase Personalization by Adding a First Name to Your Emails

If you’re looking to create a personal touch to your emails, adding the subscriber’s first name is a great place to start.

Before beginning we recommend brushing up on your Custom Field Knowledge and working in our Advanced Template Editor.

In order  to add  a subscriber’s first name to an email, you will need to have the custom field identified and switch your email template to the ATE.

In the ATE switch to the Custom Fields tab. Copy the Template Tag for your Custom Field to add to the template, above the <$BlogPosting$> tag as shown below:

FeedBlitz Dashboard showing how to add a first name

Should you only have Custom Field information for a portion of your subscribers, but plan to gather it for everyone moving forward, you can still include a greeting, with their name, while having an alternative should the field be blank. To do this, use the following line of information:

<$if FirstName$>Good morning, <$FirstName$>!<$else$>Good morning!<$endif$>

This is using an “if this, then that” scenario that if a First Name is present, it will be shown, however, if no value is assigned to the field, you are listing an alternative.

FeedBlitz Dashboard showing the inserted code for a conditional first name field

Using this condition works to prevent this from happening:

Email preview showing what appears when a first name field is entered without a condition.

A quick, simple way to personalize your mailings, you are able to add Custom Field information to your mailings as you see fit.

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