How to Start Using FeedBlitz if You’re Not a Techie (It’s Easy!)

Kate Finley Today’s guest post is by Kate Finley.

Since starting my Paleo blog back in August, I’ve shared hundreds of posts and developed a consistent following. I didn’t start out with grandiose ideas of blogging or ambitions to create a blog with tons of followers. However, after just 10 months of blogging, my blog now gets around 5,000 unique visitors per month.

After realizing that I had developed a solid following, and that my posts were driving a lot of search engine traffic, I knew I had to reassess goals for the future of my blog. A big factor in this realization was when I noticed that although my site traffic was steadily increasing, my email subscribers were not. So, I started to dig in to find out what I could be doing better, and set some solid goals for growth.

When You’re Not a Techie…

Since I’m not really a ?ªtechie’ when it comes to blogging and I always handle things like editing my CSS code with extra care, the whole RSS feed thing was pretty much an afterthought. I started my blog using so it really wasn’t a big deal. I liked blogging, but the technical aspect was not my favorite part of the process.

So when it came to RSS feeds, email management, post scheduling and e-newsletters, I really wasn’t doing much. I just kept posting and interacting with my followers. However, earlier this year, I switched my site to and self-hosted it, which meant I needed to start doing even more technical stuff … I just couldn’t seem to escape it I guess.

FeedBlitz Can Help…

As part of moving my blog, I started looking for ways to better serve my current email subscribers, while building my new opt-ins. Enter FeedBlitz. At first, I had no idea what FeedBlitz would do to help my blog or why I would need it. Again, I’m not a ?ªtechie’ by nature and some of this stuff feels like a foreign language to me. So, apprehensively, I started digging in and exploring.

As I learned about the features of FeedBlitz by starting a free trial, I actually found that it wasn’t as hard to get started. I created an RSS feed, auto responders and even found out how to schedule emails when I wasn’t sharing a new post. The how-to videos and Knowledge Base helped answer my questions and walk me through. I was able to bump around and experiment without feeling overwhelmed. (Huge relief!)

They even have help sections specific to the type of blog or website you have, which made it super easy for me to get started creating my RSS feed, adding social networks and really digging into my blog following stats. They also have detailed reports, which help you analyze who opens your emails, forwards them, or if any of them bounce.

Take Care of Your Blog!

I say all this to encourage you to give FeedBlitz a try if you’re a blogger and you want help building your blog following, while taking better care of your current followers. Don’t be intimidated by fancy terms like ?ªRSS Feed’ – FeedBlitz explains everything.

They even have email support in case you need help beyond what they offer in their Knowledge Base. Some of the features that I’ve found most helpful so far include:

  • Automatic subscriber management, including automatic dual opt-in reminders
  • Ability to send an email newsletter blast to your list without a blog or feed entry
  • The ability to add sponsorships to my email designs

You can view the full list of FeedBlitz features here.

So, I’m still no techie, but thanks to FeedBlitz, I don’t have to be 😉

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Kate Finley is a media relations expert who specializes in integrating public relations, social media, and marketing for specialty food brands and start-ups. She’s passionate about working with brands that truly help people dream bigger, and live better, healthier lives. During the past year, Kate executed 50+ events and secured more than 1,700 media opportunities for her clients. She’s also a Paleo-eater, singer, aspiring half-marathon runner, and a big fan of Columbus, Ohio. Connect with her on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.