I have an anonymous subscriber – I don’t like it! What can I do?

One of FeedBlitz’s (rarely used) features is to allow subscribers to be completely anonymous.

If FeedBlitz allowed a publisher to override the subscriber’s privacy decision that would be a bad thing and we respect our users’ right to privacy.  In addition, it makes no sense to “block” anonymous subscriptions.  You can read more information on FeedBlitz’ privacy policy here.

Firstly, they are extremely rare.  Secondly, if we blocked the subscription the subscriber, if they wished, could use some hotmail, gmail or yahoo account that, although visible to you, would still not identify them (e.g. reader012562@hotmail.com is just as anonymous, right?).  It’s simpler just to allow those who want to be stealthy to remain that way; after all, everything on your email is effectively public once it has been emailed out, since it can be forwarded anywhere.