I Need This Post to Go Out ASAP – How Do I Do That?

As part of the FeedBlitz support team, I’m regularly asked how can I send out a post immediately?

We understand that sometimes a post is time critical, maybe there is an announcement of a flash sale or a correction needs to go out.

FeedBlitz gives publishers the ability to send mailings immediately via two methods. The Newsflash feature allows publishers to send content directly to their subscribers. This content is added via a text editor within FeedBlitz and does not have to be in the RSS feed to be sent. (This is also a great way to deliver special offers to just your subscribers and not to the public at large).

The Newsflash feature can be found on your list’s dashboard by clicking the green Send a Mailing button in the upper right.

Another option is to use the On Demand feature, also found in the list’s dashboard by clicking the green Send a Mailing button.

The important thing to remember about On Demand is that it will not override an upcoming mailing. If your post is time critical and you do not want to simply paste the copy into the Newsflash Editor. You must, after mailing the post, tag it to ensure it is not sent out at the regularly scheduled time. You do this by adding a tag to the Settings of your list to exclude from mailings. Personally, I use “noemail” to make it easy to remember.

Here’s how:

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