Important New Feature: Ad Suppression Through Tagging

This morning I realized that a key feature was missing from FeedBlitz’s monetization option.

Premium FeedBlitz publishers should be able to suppress advertisements from their feeds and mailings without logging into FeedBlitz and making changes to their account.

Sometimes we ?áhave to write about things that are too personal, too important, or too sad for ads of any kind to be appropriate.

As of today if a post is tagged or categorized as “noads” there will be no ad in that RSS entry or added by that post mailed as a stand alone mailing. You can apply “noads” as a tag, category or label, depending on your blogging service. FeedBlitz treats them all the same.


In an email, “noads” prevents additional ads from being inserted. If the mailing contains multiple posts, some with ads from the RSS feed and some without, the mailer will not strip the ads that are already there.

Remember, the actual category, label or tag should not include the quotation marks, they are used to differentiate the tag from the rest of the sentence.

I am thankful to work for FeedBlitz, where our experiences as writers and human beings, is something we are expected to use to improve what we do.

It is a dark time for my home of Charleston, SC. Please keep this community in your thoughts.