Introducing a Brand New Way to Deliver Your Content

File attachments are now available for single mailing campaigns and funnels!

Skip the extra steps of uploading files to your site then linking them in your emails, by instantly delivering opt-in incentives, course materials, ebooks, slides and more.

You can now attach up to 10 files, totaling 1 MB in size, to email campaigns (single mailing or funnel) in your existing FeedBlitz account. If you’re interested in increasing your file limits or size, please reach out to support for more information.

All files are safely and securely hosted by FeedBlitz and run through a series of anti-virus and anti-malware checks. Always available in your file manager for quick access, you can easily re-attach existing files to future campaigns or drag and drop new files to attach at any time.

Screenshot showing the attachment file manager with a new file uploaded.

Adding Attachments to Single Mailing Campaigns

To keep the process of creating a new single campaign simple and streamlined for you, file attachments are available on the final step of creating your campaign – the review and send stage.

This way you’ll be able to select your audience, create your content, and adjust the template, getting everything in place and ready, then hit review and attach any file(s) you’d like before hitting send or schedule.

Screenshot showing a newly added attachment to the single campaign review summary page.

To see step-by-step directions on how to attach files to a single mailing campaign, check out support post, How to Add an Attachment to a Single Mailing Campaign.

Adding Attachment to Funnel Campaigns

Great for instantly delivering your opt-in incentive or course materials, you can now easily add attachments to any current and future funnel campaigns through the sequence editor.

Screenshot showing attachment added to funnel email.


The number of attachments and size limits pertain to each email send of your funnel, not the funnel as a whole. Say if you have 4 emails in your sequence, you can then attach up to 10 files, totaling 1 MB in size, to each of those 4 email sends.

Check out this support article, How to Add an Attachment to a Funnel Email, for more information and step-by-step directions.

Exploring New Avenues for Your Email Marketing

Attachments offer a new avenue to easily deliver content to your audience. Continually exploring ways to help you reach your goals, improve our services and bring you the best features in an email marketing platform, adding attachments to your campaigns is a step forward in this pursuit.

As your needs evolve and expand, you’ll discover your account filled with the tools and capabilities to meet and support your journey. The question is now, what will your first attachment be?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page. Developers looking for assistance in working with the FeedBlitz API can find all of this information here.