Introducing "Help Me Now" from FeedBlitz

Today I’m delighted to formally announce “Help Me Now” – simple to buy, easily afforded RSS to email and FeedBurner Migration setup services, delivered by FeedBlitz’s trusted customer implementation team.

As the industry leader in RSS to email and RSS feed management, Help Me Now makes our in-house expertise available to you. To bloggers, to podcasters, to web designers and virtual assistants, in an easily understood, quickly delivered, readily understood package, tailored to your needs. Use Help Me Now to have FeedBlitz migrate your (or your client’s) FeedBurner feeds, podcasts and mailing lists. Jump start your email subscription forms. Set up and configure your popup settings.

Short on time? Help Me Now gets you going, while you focus on your blog, your business, and your audience.

Why? Because sometimes simply getting started can seem to be just too much. Too techie, too daunting, too time-consuming. Sound familiar? Want to just hand the work off to the people who really know what they’re doing? Then Help Me Now is for you.

There are no surprises, either. It’s easy to get started. No sales pressure, just fill out a web form and generate the package price online based on your usage. Pay for the quote you’ve generated and we will fast track your project.

Help Me Now starts at only $35 for bloggers, and $50 for podcasters. Let us help you. Now, easily, affordably. Learn more about Help Me Now here.