Making the Most of FeedBlitz: It Splices and Dices!

Click to download the 'Making the Most of FeedBlitz' e-book

Click to download the ‘Making the Most of FeedBlitz’ e-book

One of the great things about FeedBlitz’s RSS feed functionality is how flexible it is. Which, of course, is one of the challenges: There’s a lot to figure out, and it can be daunting!

Which brings me to splicing and dicing (well, splicing actually “ dicing (via filters) is in the next post). Splicing is the process of merging other content into your main feed so that what your subscribers end up with is more than just your source feed.

Accessed via the “Add Other Feeds” button from your RSS feed’s home page, you can add content from your other social media channels to your feed, or incorporate any other RSS feed into your posts. You can therefore enrich the RSS subscriber’s experience by merging multiple content feeds into one.

For social networks, all you have to do is identify your account. For example, my YouTube channel is at To include my YouTube channel’s feed into the FeedBlitz RSS feed, I simply enter “phollows” in the box next to the YouTube icon on that screen. It’s the same idea for all the other social networks too. For any arbitrary third party RSS feed, simply specify the RSS feed URL in the “Service ID” field on the form. It’s a great way to merge and cross-promote different blogs into a single feed, for example.

The drop down on the right tells you how you want the posts inserted into the main feed. A daily list that pulls all the content from the relevant feed, a daily summary that is a bulleted list of titles only, or by merging the third party content into your feed in chronological order.

Now, sometimes feeds can get very large. FeedBurner would simply give up when that happens, but instead FeedBlitz will simply include all new posts up to the RSS feed size limit we impose. If that content consists entirely of spliced in third party content, FeedBlitz extends the feed until at least one of the “main” feed’s posts has been included.