Overcome Writer’s Block with these Five Best Practices

FeedBlitz ImageBy Kate Finley

Whether you write for a living or blog for pleasure, coming up with new content on a consistent basis can be difficult. But, as long as you are up for the challenge, there are simple, proven ways to generate fresh ideas and see your content in a whole new light.

I can’t promise you will never again have trouble thinking up new content, but I can promise if you implement the below best practices, your odds of writer’s block will greatly diminish.

So … Are you ready to press through into new content ideas? Sure you are!

Overcome Writer’s Block

Here are five best practices you can put into practice right away to fend off the foe that is writer’s block.

Write Every Day

Now, you may not publish, but the habit of writing every day can help keep ideas flowing. Even if you don’t feel like it, write at least a few hundred words a day. This can can take form in writing a couple paragraphs on multiple topics, a stream of consciousness, or writing non-stop for a designated amount of time.

The more you write, the more potential content you have if (or should I say when?) you get stuck.

Keep a Running List of Ideas

Ideas for content or blog posts can come at any time and often float to the surface multiple times a day. And, without logging them away for future use, they can quickly evaporate from our memory.

To help combat these potential missed opportunities, keep a list that’s easily accessible at any time. It can be on a mobile device like your smartphone, a voice recording, or even the old faithful notebook and pen. Whatever your medium, have a resource where you tuck away ideas for a rainy day.

Read Other Blogs

This is really important. There are plenty of tools, such as Feedly or Feedolu, that can help you keep the content you find online organized and ready for daily reading. Make time on a daily basis to read industry, influencer, and peer blogs.

Both Feedly and Feedolu can help if you divide the blogs you follow up by category to keep from feeling overwhelmed by too many topics. As you come up with ideas from reading the blogs of others, don’t forget to add them to your running list.

Look to Current and Industry Events and News

A quick Google search can be your best friend to overcome writer’s block. Type in a topic or key phrase and do a search under the “news” section of search or the “blog” section. You can then see what’s trending, which can spark ideas. And, more than likely, you may find some great new blogs to follow and add to your reader in the process.

Repurpose Past Content

Just because you wrote about a topic in the past doesn’t mean you can’t refresh it or repurpose it. You can easily repurpose blog posts you contributed as a guest author on someone else’s blog, compile a top 10 list, or share written versions of content previously shared through mediums such as video or a podcast.

We all war with writer’s block at one time or another, so know that you’re not alone in this battle and victory is possible. Being prepared is half the battle.

What best practices do you use to combat writer’s block? Which tactic has proved most successful for you?