Page posts are missing / showing with my personal identity

If a post to a Page walll appears to be missing it is likely that the update has actually been posted using your personal identity instead. On your Page’s Wall, choose to see updates from “Others” and see if the post you expect is there.

First, go to Newsletters | Mailings | Facebook, disconnect and then reconnect the two services. If you are prompted to allow FeedBlitz to write as your Page, enable it. That will solve the problem with the next update.

Otherwise, if FeedBlitz updates to your Pages continue to appear to come from you personally and you want them to come from the page, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook as the Page administrator
  2. Go to “Ads and Pages”
  3. Click “Pages” and choose your Page if necessary
  4. In the left sidebar choose “Your Settings”
  5. Check ON the “Posting Preferences” to always comment and post as your page.
  6. Save changes.


Future posts will be made as the Page and not you. This setting only applies to the specified page; it will not affect how updates on our personal wall or other Pages appear.