Pinterest: The Little Platform that Could

Pinterest PinsPinterest launched in March 2010, and many people scoffed at the little pinboard. Calling it ‘a place for crafty moms’, and ‘glorified scrapbooking’, no one could have dreamed how successful it would become.

Consider these statistics: In just under three years, there are already 70 million plus avid pinners, generating 2.5 *billion* monthly pageviews. Sixty percent of those pinners are American, and they frequent the 500,000 or so Pinterest business pages – spending nearly $200.00 per purchase.

If you’re a business owner – you should be on Pinterest. And, of course, Feedblitz can help.

Pinterest and FeedBlitz

Feedblitz allows you:

The ability to splice your pins into your FeedBlitz version of your blog’s RSS feed, which will include your pins into that feed, and by extension into any emails and updates sent from that feed. The default is to add a daily summary of pins to the feed, but you can change that on the splices page. All you do is put in your account ID, and FeedBlitz takes care of the rest.

The ability to enable your subscribers to pin your posts to their Pinterest boards, thereby increasing your social sharing. Again, this is via our RSS feed service, the premium alternative to FeedBurner. Go to RSS – Social Media and enable the Pinterest “flare.” Your FeedBlitz feed will now have the Pinterest icon added to its sharing options. When clicked, the first image in the post is put up for pinning along with the post’s title. The icon will show up in your feed and in any mailings it powers.

This is great news for businesses, as well as art bloggers, photographers, or any bloggers who uses imagery consistently in their posts.

If you want to add Pinterest to your blog’s email subscription mailings but don’t yet have a FeedBlitz RSS feed, creating one is easy. All you need to do is:

  • Create a FeedBlitz version of your blog’s feed at RSS – New Feed.
  • Change your FeedBlitz mailings’ article source to be the feed you created in step (1) at newsletters – Settings – Content Settings – The Basics (v3) or via the list’s settings button in FeedBlitz v4.

You don’t have to use that feed anywhere else if you don’t want to – but you might well be tempted when you see what we can do 🙂

So, lesson learned? The next time you see a new social platform trying to chug its way up that big hill to success, instead of scoffing – keep a close eye on it’s progress. It just might be the next big thing that you – and your digital marketing plan – can hop aboard.

Happy pinning, folks!