A Technology Partnership that Works

Build revenue, loyalty and LTV in hosting services.

Performance, security & uptime are table stakes.

Every web host says they offer performance, security, uptime. Today, that's the price of entry. The result, though, is the increasing commoditization of the hosting world.

Web site owners are looking for solutions, not tools, to grow their businesses.

They want value, yes, but they want simplicity too. They want to work on their businesses, their missions, their revenue streams. Not their web sites.

So to retain customers, profitability and market share, you must to do more than just performance, security and uptime.

Here at FeedBlitz, we value relationships. We value fit.

FeedBlitz is a specialty email service provider. We have the technology and the passion and the people to deliver what ought to be table stakes in the email world, but all too often isn't: Deliverability. Getting our clients' emails to the inbox is job #1.

A few years ago, a client brought us their RSS feed business. A small start. We welcomed them. We served. We delivered. Over time, because we fit, because we were trusted, this client relationship expanded to become a complete partnership relationship.

When the client was unhappy with their in-house mailings, we won that business. Six figure lists. Purchase tagging. Filtering. Unlimited mailings. Deliverability problem? Solved.

Soon our client was leveraging all our technology - funnels, content delivery, and targeted blasts - to drive their business forward; while we managed the nitty gritty of compliance, deliverability and subscriber management.

A powerful partner for your email solution.

Guess what happened next...

Our client's next step, their insight, was simple, but brilliant: To enable their clients to do what they themselves had just done. Out of the box.

They already offered hosting, themes and plugins. They offered eCommerce. They brought everything together into a packaged online solution.

Something was missing though, and that something made their solution incomplete. They needed to provide email marketing as part of the solution.

Sure, they integrated with the usual suspects, but what they needed – and their clients craved – was a way to round out the offering, to simplify the user’s experience, to capture that revenue, and increase customer loyalty.

A power partner for your email solution's engine room

A little over a year later, we’ve enabled their success. We power their email service via our APIs.

Their branding, their UI, their LTV, their client lock-in.

Our capability. Our deliverability. Our platform under the hood.

The online solution their clients crave, and happily pay for: Complete, stable, effective. With simple no-hassle fees that keep their executive team happy.

We’re working with them on what’s next for the evolution of their business.

We could do that for you too...

Would you like to avoid the commoditization trap? Extend your services?

Reduce churn and capture client dollars currently going somewhere else, even though it’s your servers they’re running everything on?