Podcasters Don’t Overload Your RSS Feed

As a Podcaster, and this goes for Bloggers too, I know the feeling of wanting to make all my shows available to everyone. It should to be as simple as it can to get to your content into the hands of subscribers, but what a lot of people want to do is instinctively make all their old shows and posts available in their RSS feed. While I can see the value in that, it may not be the best answer.

Originally there was a limit to how many items you can have in an RSS feed, more specifically the limit was in regards the size of the feed in bytes. Now, technically that it isn’t a factor anymore, however there are services and applications that still adhere to that limit. Keep this in mind that if you run all your shows in your feed you could be making it incompatible for some.
Making a successful Podcast also depends on one important factor, a relationship with the listener. If all your shows and posts are available to the subscribers in a feed, then that will be the end point in your relationship. On my own website we not only publish our Podcast, but we also carry blog content as well. In addition to the Blog content, we do publish some ads on our page to generate a little revenue. If everyone subscribes to your feed and doesn’t go to your website regularly, you are missing an opportunity to get more eyes on what you are doing. More importantly you are also missing an opportunity to extend the relationship with your subscriber.
It is the small things that can help keep your boat sailing in the ocean of social media. Here are some suggestions.
  • Limiting the number if items in your feed to 10 or 20
  • Have a well organized, and easy to navigate archive on the site so people can find older shows, WordPress makes this easy
  • Also, promote your archive on your show by talking it up and make sure your listeners know where to find it
If you are creating compelling content, interested subscribers will come and get it. In the end let your feed compliment your site instead of it being your site.
Guest Post by Kreg Steppe of Technorama.