Pricing that matches your growth.

Unlimited features equals unlimited opportunities. That's why you'll have full access to all FeedBlitz has to offer, and only pay according to the number of active, unique email subscribers in your account. 

Core Plan Pricing

Subscribers Monthly Monthly Annually Annually
0 - 100 $7 $10.50 $49 $73.50
101 - 500 $9 $13.50 $99 $148.50
501 - 2,500 $29 $43.50 $319 $478.50
2,501 - 5,000 $49 $73.50 $539 $808.50
5,001 - 10,000 $69 $103.50 $799 $1,198.50
10,001 - 15,000 $99 $148.50 $999 $1,498.50
15,001 - 25,000 $149 $223.50 $1,599 $2,398.50
25,001 - 35,000 $199 $298.50 $2,199 $3,298.50
35,001 - 50,000 $299 $448.50 $3,199 $4,798.50
Unlimited $50 per extra
25k readers
$75 per extra
25k readers
$500 per extra
25k readers
$750 per extra
25k readers

Explore all that Enterprise plans have to offer here.

Don't need to send any email? Do you only need support for your RSS feeds?
Explore pricing plans for your feeds here.

Do you have specific questions about your project?

Skip the sales team and ask one of the email experts on our Support Team

I love FeedBlitz – I knew there had to be an easier way! By switching to FeedBlitz from my old contact email service I spend 75% less time on my newsletters, making my business run more efficiently and giving me back those extra hours every week.

~ Debba Haupert,

Many email service providers limit features and capabilities based on the pricing plan.

But not us. From day one of your trial, all plans include:

If you have questions about your specific goals or needs,
our Support Team would be happy to answer them.

Sometimes growth is more than subscriber counts.
Upgrade options available for every plan:


Multi-User allows you to add a new user to your account, assign a specific task or responsibility, as well as narrow down further by limiting the scope of capabilities within your account. Delegate tasks to others while ensuring organizational boundaries and privacy restrictions are protected every step of the way. Additional users are $25 per month. Learn more about multi-user.

Additional  Users    Monthly     Annually
1 $25 $250
Up to 10 $225 $2,250
Unlimited $500 $5,000

Enterprise Support and Branding Options

Enhanced branding features are available for a 50% premium over current list prices.

In addition, separately-priced enterprise-grade support plans are available for around the clock coverage, named contacts, escalation criteria, and guaranteed response times. Contact for information about our enterprise support solutions and learn more on our Enterprise page.

Private Label and Platform Solutions

Differentiate your platform by bundling and integrating the FeedBlitz platform, enabling your own white label email marketing solution. Find out more here.

Kick the guesswork to the curb:
No rate limits. No overages. No surprises.

Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policies

Unless you have a separate written contract with us, the following terms of service apply. Your privacy, and control of your personal information, is important to us (that's why we don't force you to reveal your address if you are sending email using FeedBlitz). Click here for our full privacy policy.