Autoposting to More Than One Twitter Account

FeedBlitz allows you to easily autopost your blog updates to a Twitter account of your choice, right from your publisher’s dashboard. While only one account is able to be linked in this way, there is another route to have additional Twitter accounts posting your updates automatically.

Bonus Note: This is great if you have multiple contributors, or owners, who would all like to autopost your content.

Follow the steps below add a second Twitter account for autoposting:

1.  Log out of your current Twitter account.
2.  Select the Mailing List you would like to work with.
3.  Choose    I want to….Grow This List….Subscription Forms and Links
4.  Select Classic Form.
5.  Change the answer on #2 to Any FeedBlitz Option.
6.  Click the link of your subscription form.

7.  When the form appears, select Twitter

A popup will appear, prompting you to enter your login information for Twitter in order to authorize the FeedBlitz App. Once completed, you will have successfully added an additional Twitter account to your site and updates will be sent starting with your next post.

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