Making the Most of Your Subscription Landing Pages

Easily the most over-looked step in email marketing is the landing page which users see after confirming their subscription. FeedBlitz publishers are able to quickly redirect this page, guiding them back to their site for further browsing. Before beginning, choose the page on your site you would like for new subscribers to be directed to and copy the URL.

Begin by selecting your Mailing List. Then choose I Want To…Change…Settings, Schedule. On the next page, the third tab you will find Subscriber Interaction, Activation and Notification.

Navigate down to the line reading “When they click … they are sent to the FeedBlitz default landing page.”

The default landing page is what you will be changing. When you select the highlighted text, a box will appear where you can enter the URL of a page you would like for users to arrive at upon confirming their activation.

This redirect can simply be your homepage, a list of your most popular blog posts, even taking them to an additional bonus offer for having signed up to your list. The choice is yours! The goal in redirecting this page is to send subscribers back to your website to encourage them to continue browsing, reading and sharing your content.

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