Can I Still Reach My Customers with Email Marketing?

Email with question mark symbol.

Many forms of communication vie for the attention of people of all ages, with commercial marketing using everything from social media to messaging to gain the attention and engagement of their users. This can sometimes make it feel as if email marketing should take a back seat to other forms of inbound or outbound marketing. This couldn’t be further from the truth: learn how email marketing is thriving in among social media and messaging, and how you can better tap into this market.

Email and Email Marketing is Alive and Well

Even in these modern times where internet and smartphone users are spoiled with so many choices of communication, email is still growing. Taking a look at the Radicati Group’s Email Statistics Report, 2014-2018 (PDF here), we can see several trends:

  • Always Ever-Growing: In 4 years, we’ve seen an increase of 1.1 billion email accounts, bringing the total in 2018 to more than 5.2 billion by the end of 2018.
  • Email is Eternal: While social media and messaging apps grow, die, and compete, email remains untouched by competition as a communication medium. There is no direct email competitor.
  • A Higher Competition: Email use has grown the most in the business sector, increasing in the last 4 years by 28%, meaning you have higher competition in email marketing.

Casual Convenience vs. Official Communication

Everyone has an email address, with many having multiple accounts cover work, home, and other personal niches in their lives. An email acts as an address and passport for many websites, acting as the gatekeeper to websites, social media platforms, and even smartphone apps. While casual and even some B2C communication takes place on messaging apps, especially with new chat-bots, email is still the go-to option for official communication. Beyond this, reviewing emails is still more intuitive then reviewing message history, making it the “file cabinet” for useful and important communications like content, promo codes, and important information.

New Ways of Subscribing to Your Email List

Email marketing is only as effective as your email lists. Make sure you’ve got the systems and policies in place to organically grab emails, as well as marketing that promotes email signups (especially for the holidays).

Better Website Email Forms

A great website needs great forms to bring in users for your services and into your email marketing. If you’re having trouble building your subscriber lists, using new types and styles of forms is the first logical step. Just make sure to avoid common mistakes.

Collecting Emails During Checkout

During your interactions with a customer, both online and in-store, look at ways of integrating your email collection into your procedures. This can include options during checkout at your POS (Point-Of-Sale) systems or during your online billing process.

Email Options on the Phone

Again, according to the Radicati’s report, in the last 4 years, mobile email users have doubled from 1.1 to 2.2 billion. With this increase of mobile email users, think about investing in mobile-friendly options, from making sure your website is responsive, to advanced subscription features like subscribe by text.

Something important to note about subscribe by text is that while soliciting emails by text is great due to its immediacy, you should avoid overusing it. Capitalize on its immediate nature by using it at events or during checkout, where you have already engaged the customer. Remember that it all comes back to email and its ability to make people buy.

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