How To Set Up FeedBlitz’s AdSense for Feeds Alternative

Replacing FeedBurner AdSense for Feeds

One of the most popular features on FeedBurner was the integration of Google’s AdSense with FeedBurner, allowing RSS publishers to earn revenue from ads inserted into their feeds as paid out via Google’s AdSense program.

As part of its continued degradation of FeedBurner, Google announced the end of the AdSense for Feeds Program in Fall 2012, with no ads being served from December 3rd, 2012 onwards. Not only does this hit publishers of all sizes right on the top line, but also it means that as of that date Google earns $0 from FeedBurner. Put another way, the announcement of the end of AdSense for Feeds removes any financial incentive for Google to keep FeedBurner active in 2013 and beyond. FeedBurner simply becomes a cost center starting January 1st, 2013, with all pending financial activity from AdSense for feeds closed out in 2012.

FeedBlitz believes that publishers of all sizes could and should be able to monetize their RSS feeds. FeedBlitz has a replacement ad program, which inserts ads into your posts, much like Google’s defunct AdSense for Feeds program. Our U.S. publishers report earnings from their FeedBlitz monetization options as being roughly three times greater than with Google’s old program; for larger publishers FeedBlitz’s ad programs more than pay for FeedBlitz’s fees.

Easy Setup

FeeBlitz RSS Feed Monetization

  1. Create a FeedBlitz version of your RSS feed (if migrating from FeedBurner, use this Guide).
  2. Click the feed’s RSS icon in the FeedBlitz navigation.
  3. Expand the Monetization section
  4. Ensure that the “Earn from RSS feed ads” box is checked.
  5. Choose where ads should appear, and how often.
  6. Save!

That’s it! Ad insertion is covered by the FeedBlitz terms of service. Month-end ad balances over $25 are paid 45 days after the end of the month they reach $25. Tier 1, brand-safe publishers should contact FeedBlitz support to improve their revenue generation power further.

Where Ads Appear

Ads in your RSS feed should appear wherever your RSS feed does. In your emails to your readers; in subscriber aggregators etc. You can even monetize mailings through other RSS services if you like by running your RSS feed through FeedBlitz first.

Set up your ads now, or start the migration process from FeedBurner by grabbing the FeedBurner Migration Guide from here.