The number of feeds determines price
The number of RSS subscribers
does not affect pricing
RSS Feeds
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Annual Fee
Up to 25$15
Up to 100$49
Up to 250$99
Up to 1,000$299

RSS-Only Service Pricing

Want awesome RSS feed serving, feed monetization, in-depth feed metrics, podcast capabilities, an intelligent FeedBurner RSS replacement, expert support, smart feed features -- but don't want to use FeedBlitz for your email services?

Our annual RSS plans deliver. Use them to serve, track and monetize your RSS feeds to any RSS reader or app, including third party email services -- even FeedBurner itself (which is great if you've lost your FeedBurner login and want to enable our migration messaging).

If you sign up for RSS only, and then later decide you want us to handle your email too, no problem! Our support team can help you make the switch.

Premium Pricing

The upgrade enables our RSS management services only. Payment is required after a 30-day trial for all new publishers. Prices shown are in US Dollars $.

Terms and Conditions

If you cancel, or there is a problem processing your payment, FeedBlitz will continue to serve your feed for the applicable grace period, but won't update it from your site. This gives you time to bring your account into good standing, or transition from the FeedBlitz RSS platform if you want to.