Supercharge, protect and monetize your podcast and site RSS feeds.

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You know the importance of feeds.

Whether you're a podcaster, blogger, multimedia site or video personality, you know your audience, at its core, depends on your feed. From iTunes to Facebook, iPhone to Android, blog to email, you know the way your content is circulated around the internet is powered by your RSS feed. It's your voice's lifeline to the outside world.

You get it. And so do we (it's in our name, after all!).

We serve professional feeds for professional people. Like you. Now you can understand your audience with dynamic RSS feed analytics. Now you can be sure that, if your site is down, your feed keeps going. Now you can be confident that there's no giving up and shutting down if your feed has a problem, or gets a too large.

Understand your RSS audience with interactive analytics.

Publish. Analyze. Optimize. Repeat.

You can't manage what you can't measure, and FeedBlitz's RSS analytics enable you to gain rapid insight into where your content is being consumed, what's popular, and more.

Examine trends, catch viral posts as they happen, or dig deep into evergreen content. Plus, for enterprise users, you can use our API to integrate your RSS feed metrics into your corporate media reporting dashboard.

The capabilities you want. None of the hassle you don't.

Integrate comments, related posts, and custom footers, without additional plugins.

Splice multiple feeds together for simplified, content-rich feed syndication.

Work with plaintext, password-protected feeds, and SSL-secured branded feeds.

Categorize your podcast episodes for iTunes and other popular streaming services.

Monetize your feeds in one-click to generate an additional stream of income.

Ensure your feed continues running, even if your site may be down.

Customize your feed with flexible, unique URL filters available with every feed.

Self-help when you need it with detailed RSS diagnostics and metadata analysis.

Truncate feeds Intelligently and automatically if they become too large.

Live support never leaves you (or your feed) in the dark.

Trust your feed to a service that's not only GDPR-compliant but continuously developing and adapting to the changing landscape of the world wide web as well. 

No more surprise dropouts and your questions are answered by our live, US-based support team. That is our promise to you.

Reliable and secure branded feeds.

Seamless integration with our secure, no-hassle, SSL-protected CNAME feeds allows you to maintain your brand and avoid scary browser privacy warnings due to certificate mismatches. Create your CNAME, point it to us, and we'll take care of the rest in just a few minutes!

Welcome to human-friendly, branded RSS.


Browser-friendly options mean no more ugly XML code when a visitor hits your feed. 

Your Feed + Your Audience = Easy Migration

Even though you're using a 3rd party service, you keep all the control and all the SEO, while we safely serve your content. (Technically speaking, you 302 to us, and we 301 to you.) With the FeedBlitz WordPress plugin, interactive integration guide, and extensive knowledge base, your audience gets tracked and delivered no matter where they are.

The right plan paired with the robust reliability to fit your needs.

RSS Core

Upgrade to professionally powered, fully supported RSS feeds. For most bloggers and users, this is a perfect solution.  


For power users, professional bloggers, podcasters and specialty feed applications, your needs require a little more including up to up to 5MB of content, or password-protected content. This is where our Procaster solution comes in.


RSS Core


High performance feed serving
Interactive analytics
iTunes categories
Comment integration
Related posts
Smart abbreviation (keeps your links and formatting)
Browser friendly
Tag and category filters
Can be powered by SSL and password-protected feeds
URL branding
Integrate (splice) other feeds
Testing and diagnostics
Updates if size limit exceeed
Password-protected output: No YES
Max size: 1 MB 5 MB

RSS Core Pricing

For bloggers and sites
with typical RSS usage

*Fees are in US Dollars.

Number of feeds Annual Fee
0-25 $ 15
26-100 $ 59
101-250 $ 139
250-500 $ 249
500-1000 $ 449
1000+ +$ 40 / 100 feeds

Procaster Pricing

For established podcasts and
more demanding RSS applications

*Fees are in US Dollars.

Number of feeds Monthly Fee
0-25 $ 19
26-100 $ 69
101-250 $ 229
250-500 $ 449
500-1000 $ 749
1000+ +$ 49 / 50 feeds

Fast, secure, scalable, supported...
your feed is too important to trust to anyone else.