RSS Update 3 – Manage your Feeds

While recreating feeds yesterday after the server meltdown we had to take them out of the UI while we worked. Feeds are now back in the UI and can now be configured. All the feeds have been flagged as “Setup Needed” so when you visit the site dashboard you should click through on the setup button and verify / update settings.

We recreated feeds and used default settings for things like comments, social sharing and related posts. If you had changed those settings before, you can now do so again from the UI.

If you had used splices (third party feeds) to augment your basic blog’s feed, it was not possible to recreate them as we rebuilt the system. They will need to be re-added via the UI to your feed.

If your current feed isn’t working right, work your way through the setup from teh site dashboard. If you can’t find your feed in the UI, or you’ve set it up and it still doesn’t seem happy, please contact If you were using the FeedSmart add in for your blog and had temporarily disabled it, you should re-enable it after you check your feed’s configuration in the FeedBlitz UI.

We’ll post a couple more updates through the day; and thank you all for your patience.

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