Introducing FeedBlitz Single Opt-In

Our Mission is Your Email Marketing Success

In order to do that, we have to ensure that the emails we send on your behalf are not only accepted by your recipients’ ISPs, but that those emails make it to the inbox rather than the junk folder. It’s about what’s known as deliverability — and then some.

The way we manage deliverability is based on a number of policies and processes within the FeedBlitz app that ensure that our servers have an excellent reputation, and that the clients we are proud and motivated to serve are those we can feel confident in, while we are entrusted with getting their word out and winning the inbox on their behalf.

On your behalf.

One of the core tenets of ensuring awesome deliverability has been our absolute insistence on dual opt-in, the gold standard for what Seth Godin called “Permission-Based Marketing.”

Enabling Fast, High-Quality Growth by Bringing our Dual Opt-In Standards to the Single Opt-In Process

Nonetheless, we know that dual opt-in can be a hassle. While we absolutely believe that quality beats quantity every single time, we also know that for some of your legitimate visitors, dual opt-in can be just enough to stop a subscriber from signing up. For example, our largest enterprise corporate client has a dual opt-in conversion rate of 93%-95%, which is great! But that 5% to 7% drop off shows that, even for motivated professionals, dual opt-in can sometimes be a strong enough tap on the brakes. For more casual visitors and sites, it’s worse.

That’s frustrating, and single opt-in solves that problem. But its risks are that it can let in spam traps, abusers, as well as run afoul of privacy laws. It produces lower quality lists. Single opt-in’s issues risk reducing FeedBlitz’s reputation (as well as yours), resulting in a drop in your deliverability.

Nobody wants that.

Deliverability excellence is the reason why FeedBlitz has never used single opt-in.

Until now. As we thought more about single opt-in, we realized that we have the potential to do it really, really well. We can generate faster list growth for you, without (we believe) compromising deliverability. The key to delivering single opt-in that’s awesome is really simple: If there’s any reason that a submission gives us pause, FeedBlitz will use dual opt-in. End of story. This is how we’ll keep out the bots, the spammers, and the tire kickers, while accelerating your list growth even more.

The good news is that, for most clients and most lists servicing audiences primarily in the US, single opt-in can be the rule, not the exception.

If you want it, that is. We are not going to force anyone into single opt-in. Moreover, we absolutely believe that dual opt-in is the gold standard for high quality, robust, verifiable list building for professionals. What we’re doing is bringing those standards to bear to make the very best single opt-in solution there can possibly be.

What’s the Catch?

We will use always use dual opt-in under the following circumstances:

  • For compliance (i.e. to prove consent as required by applicable legislation), such as when the visitor appears to be from the EU (for GDPR), or Canada (for CASL).
  • For trust, when interactions come from locations with poor track records (e.g. Russia, amongst others), or where the remote user is trying to hide where they are, or we can’t reliably detect the country of origin.
  • For third party solutions which use our API where we can’t determine the end user’s IP address (if this applies to you, we can work with your vendor – they need to provide the X_FORWARDED_FOR header).
  • For email addresses that were used elsewhere in FeedBlitz but aren’t currently active, or are bouncing, or have a pending but not yet activated dual opt-in subscription for any list.
  • For email addresses that look OK but could be typos, or otherwise look suspect based on our experience.

Ultimately, we will review the quality of the single opt-in submissions that we gain compared to dual opt-in, and then review the affects (if any) on deliverability and quality. If there appears to be a systematic problem or an issue with a specific list, we will push things back to dual opt-in while we review. Otherwise, we’ll just watch your list grow that much faster!

We won’t be allowing everyone who uses FeedBlitz to use single opt-in. It’s a privilege for a select group, and if you’re here it’s most likely because you’ve made the cut. Hi!

Finally, single opt-in at FeedBlitz is a (supported) beta program. So if things go badly awry we’ll disable the capability for any account or list where we feel the circumstances warrant it, or even rework the program entirely. We’ll tell you if that happens, of course.

When Will Single Opt-In Become Available?

We’re starting now, and we’re starting with la crème de la crème of our established, trusted clients. If your account becomes eligible, you’ll get an email from us and notices in the app when you log in to manage your lists, mailings and campaigns.

Making Your Dual Opt-In More Successful

While were talking forms, and subscriptions, and opting-in, here’s how to make the old-fashioned way work better, for when we use that for you.

  • Have a good incentive, and show that on your forms and landing pages.
  • Create a custom landing page once they start the process to make it clear that they need to check their inbox to get the incentive.
  • Update FeedBlitz with that information! If you need help with that, ask the support team.
  • Change your activation email (including the subject line) to reflect that the email must be opened to get the incentive.
  • Change the call to action in your activation email to be about the incentive.
  • Have no other links, buttons or calls to actions in the activation email.

*Hint: We recently updated our standard call to action email and modernized it. You can revert to the default and then use that as the basis for your custom activation email.

By the way, if you have an incentive for your list, our single opt-in will work as if the visitor subscribed to your list via dual opt-in. So they will be sent to the relevant custom landing page, start any funnels you have in place, and activate any event triggers you have set up for email marketing automation.

In other words, it all just works. FeedBlitz single opt-in eliminates friction for your trusted trusted visitors.