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Email marketing is as diverse and versatile as you are. FeedBlitz is the choice for professional bloggers, enterprise-level businesses, and everything in between seeking versatile and uncomplicated email marketing campaigns. With automated emails and custom templates, flat fees, and no hidden surprises, getting content to your audience has never been easier.

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Your blog is your brand – an extension of your identity. Add powerful email marketing and RSS to email automation to your toolbox.

We have the tools to get you there.

Small Business

You’ve got the ideas, services, and products, we’ve got the platform to deliver it to the world. Together we create a streamlined, effective email marketing campaign to grow your business.

We get you to the inbox.

Content Marketers

Your content is your business. Selling your courses, PDFs, and master classes online requires a dependable email service provide right now. Trust us, it's not too much to ask for.

We put you in the driver's seat.

Corporate Enterprise

You need a scalable, dependable, and flexible email service provider to meet your complex needs in marketing and communications.

This is what we do. This is our wheelhouse.

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