Subscribe to any Feed or Blog URL




All parameters are case insensitive.

<URL> – Required: The URL of the article source.

<Email> – Optional: The email address of the subscriber, if known. Otherwise FeedBlitz will use the email address of the currently logged user, if any, to pre-fill the email address with.

<PublisherID> – Associate the subscription with the given publiSher account, creating a new mailing list if necessary.


Subscribe to the “FeedBlitz News” blog:

Subscribe to “A VC”:

* You should URL encode the URLs if they are parameterized.


Presents the standard FeedBlitz subscription form for the list, including branding and custom fields as appropriate.

If the URL specified is not a feed, FeedBlitz will attempt to determine the appropriate feed from the autodiscovery information (if any) provided by the URL.

If no publisher ID is specified, FeedBlitz will attempt to match the URL with an existing publsiher account. If no appropriate publsiher account can be determined, a standalone (independent) subscription is created using FeedBlitz default branding.

If a publisher ID is specified, FeedBlitz will create the subscription and (if necessary) a new mailing list for the URL.

This call is great for sites with user-defined searches or many category feeds where it is too onerous or simply impossible to determine up-front what feeds users want might want to subscribe to.