Supercharge and Protect your Podcast Feeds

Announcing Procaster by FeedBlitz

Built for professional podcasters, Procaster extends FeedBlitz’s established RSS feed service, enabling power publishers to:

● Keep thousands of episodes live with extra RSS feed capacity
● Securely deliver premium content

Keep every podcast episode online, complete with show notes, comments and social shares, with 5 times the feed capacity.

For established, power podcasters with hundreds of episodes and comprehensive show notes, it doesn’t take long for a podcast feed to max out standard RSS feed services at 1MB. It can come as an unwelcome surprise to find episodes disappearing from iTunes, Stitcher and other popular podcast listening apps as you add more shows.

You don’t want that, new subscribers don’t want that, and your sponsors don’t want that.

Going beyond a simple mirror, FeedBlitz’s Procaster RSS feed service extends available media feeds to 5MB – large enough for thousands of shows, along with link tracking, real-time metrics, usage dashboards and more.

Premium content, password-protected with Procaster.

Sites like Patreon and SoundCloud enable you to offer premium content and monetize it, with service levels. FeedBlitz Procaster is the way to ensure premium podcasts and other privileged content stay restricted, by offering password protection to individual feeds.

Only those users with the password can access the feed and its content, creating a secure route for potential monetization.

If your app, service or business model needs a publicly available but secure RSS feed, FeedBlitz Procaster is the perfect fit.

All the capabilities you need, none of the hassle.

Procaster builds on FeedBlitz’s existing high-performance core RSS feed service and FeedBurner alternative, delivering seamless iTunes integration, interactive analytics, optional ad network participation, comment integrations, and custom branding.

Working with great care to service your podcast feed, we’re happy to answer your questions about feed migration through our boutique onboarding services and discover which of our RSS feed services are right for you.

About FeedBlitz’s RSS Feed Services

As pioneers in servicing RSS feeds for 10+ years, FeedBlitz has paved the way from basic RSS feed content towards reliable, fully-supported feeds offering detailed tracking, feed branding, real-time data, monetization and advanced analytics.