Content marketers creating new content on website and emails.

Building Better Content for Your Email Marketing

There’s a saying in marketing: content is king. If you’re a blogger or content creator, you’re already familiar with the maxim. However, when it comes to marketing your businesses and services online, each method of marketing has its own preferred medium for content. Email marketing is one of the most versatile platforms available for delivering…

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How to stand out in email marketing

Where’s my audience?

You’re posting great content regularly, you’re enthusiastically promoting your site on all the top social channels, while diligently reading and following all the How to Blog Like a Rock Star articles and checklists you can find and yet…. your emails have low open rates, even lower click-through rates. Your list ought to be growing –…

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Heat Map Analytics

Heat Maps, FeedBlitz, and You

By Laura Petrolino Is it hot in here, or is it just my email? The secret fantasy of anyone involved in content and email marketing is to be able to really get inside the head of their consumers and understand interests, motivations, and needs. To do this, we employ many different methods: We create buyer…

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Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach: Persistence is Fertile

By Chris Abraham With blogger outreach, if you want to be heard above the din of the Internet, you need to speak clearly and with persistence. It’s not uncommon for someone at a loud bar not to hear you the first time, or even twice. If you assume someone isn’t interested in getting to know…

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How To Write Quality Content

Content Marketing: Fix Your Crummy Content

By Mike Templeman Back in February of 2011, Google opened the cage on a vicious little animal they’d kept locked up for years. That creature was a Panda. More specifically, it was the Panda algorithmic crawl. This little piece of code would crawl the internet, find low quality content, and penalize sites rife with it.…

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Overcoming Writers Block

Overcome Writer’s Block with these Five Best Practices

By Kate Finley Whether you write for a living or blog for pleasure, coming up with new content on a consistent basis can be difficult. But, as long as you are up for the challenge, there are simple, proven ways to generate fresh ideas and see your content in a whole new light. I can’t…

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Five Tactics for Building Strong Brands

The word brand is tossed around the marketing world like a bottle opener at a tailgate party – everyone uses it, but no one really thinks about it. While that works fine for popping a top, it’s problematic when it comes to building strong brands. After all, how can you improve your brand if everyone…

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