Computer with email that has the RSS symbol.

How to Take Your RSS to Email from Meh to Yeah!

RSS to Email is a form of email automation that uses a feature almost every website has, though for some it’s a hidden feature: the RSS Feed. Utilizing the RSS Feed, you can send automatic emails to notify your subscribers of changes to your site, most common in the form of new posts to your…

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Business chair with out of office sign.

Making Money on Vacation with Email Marketing Automation

Whether it’s the holidays with the family or spending some well-deserved time on a sunny beach somewhere, just because you’re away doesn’t mean your business has to grind to a halt. One of those key parts is communication: making sure your new clients are still getting the right greetings and introductions, providing content and updates…

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By Popular Demand: Scheduled Email Blasts

The majority of the FeedBlitz mailings are driven via blogs – so the simplest way to schedule a mailing is to set the list’s mailing schedule to Express, and simply schedule your posts. Done and done, works great. The scheduling, though, has always been just for blog posts and not for any email outside of…

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