Two stock images, one a pumpkin lit up with a witches hat on top and the other a wood slate background with letters spelling out thankful on it.

Get Into the Spirit with Free Holiday GIFs and Images

Have a little fun this holiday season with millions of free stock images and GIFs to add to your emails. Adding fun new images and GIFs is a simple and easy way to bring the holidays into your email marketing. And the best part is that you can quickly drop them into your emails through…

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Making the Most of FeedBlitz: Customizing Your Email Templates

A “template” is what controls the layout of your blog’s content when it is turned into a mailing or subscriber landing page. The template is where the graphic design elements of the mailings are determined, beyond what is in an individual post. Branding, layout, fonts, colors “ all are determined by the template. FeedBlitz has…

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