How to Choose an Email Newsletter Service

Email was invented in 1971, and since then, it has completely changed how we communicate with people we know and those we may not know in person. With the introduction of social media in 1997 and the rapid rise and evolution of these channels, it was thought email would quickly become extinct. However, as we…

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9 Signs It’s Time to Switch Email Services

How to tell if you’ve outgrown your current provider. When it comes to email marketing, the time-tested age-old saying rings true: Your emails are only as good as the service provider sending them.*OK, this isn’t really a time-tested age-old saying, but it should be. Listen, it’s no surprise that email is a cornerstone of any…

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Young man sitting on the floor with a satisfied, proud and happy look with thumbs up, signaling OK with one hand, sending a positive, "alright' message.

Rest Assured, Your Emails are Getting to the Inbox

It doesn’t matter how pretty or sophisticated your emails are if they aren’t getting to the inbox. Email communication is more important than ever and getting to the inbox is crucial to your success. And getting to the inbox depends on the sender reputation of your bulk email service provider (ESP). Not all ESPs are…

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