Screenshot of an automated campaign's schedule set to monthly with the first and the fifteenth chosen.

New: Schedule Your Emails Multiple Days a Week or Month

More hassle-free set it and forget it email campaigns at your fingertips. The beauty of automated RSS-to-email campaigns is the set it and forget it factor, knowing your email campaigns will be sent as scheduled with your new content – that was the foundation in creating FeedBlitz. And now, continuing our mission to provide the…

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Computer with email that has the RSS symbol.

How to Take Your RSS to Email from Meh to Yeah!

RSS to Email is a form of email automation that uses a feature almost every website has, though for some it’s a hidden feature: the RSS Feed. Utilizing the RSS Feed, you can send automatic emails to notify your subscribers of changes to your site, most common in the form of new posts to your…

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Automate Email Marketing

The Automated vs Manual Email Debate

Email marketing falls into two categories: automated or manual. Some bloggers insist one is better than the other, sparking the great email debate. What really matters is: Your preference in how the emails are sent. The expectations you have set for your subscribers. Do you want to be hands on and manually send out each…

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How to Start Using FeedBlitz if You’re Not a Techie (It’s Easy!)

Today’s guest post is by Kate Finley. Since starting my Paleo blog back in August, I’ve shared hundreds of posts and developed a consistent following. I didn’t start out with grandiose ideas of blogging or ambitions to create a blog with tons of followers. However, after just 10 months of blogging, my blog now gets…

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Making the Most of FeedBlitz: Modified Feeds and AutoCast

Every second Thursday we’re going to be highlight some of the incredible ways that FeedBlitz can help you with your community building and sharing of content. Today, we follow up on Tuesday’s post on integrating third party content and walk you through creating category specific feeds. As well, we explore using AutoCast, an extension of…

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Making the Most of FeedBlitz: Integrating Third Party Content

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my vacation – and what came before it – has helped me realize that it’s time for some changes. And change is good. We’re going to be introducing some new content here on the blog, including webinars, guest bloggers, and more. One thing I wanted to do is have…

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