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Beat the Algorithms by Turning your Online Audiences into Email Subscribers

7 actions to take today to convert your audience and grow your email list. Social media and podcasts are incredible platforms for connecting with like-minded people and building a community. A downside of them both, however, is you’re at the whim of each platform’s ever-changing algorithms, rules, and regulations. Instagram…TikTok…iTunes…no matter the channel, you don’t…

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Sign-Up Form Mistakes in Email Marketing

7 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Subscription Forms

Having your own little corner of the World Wide Web to write about anything, to engage with like-minded individuals, and to spark conversation is an incredibly wonderful, intoxicating feeling. You’re pouring your heart and soul into your work; your enthusiasm propels you forward in pursuit of your latest goal. Maybe you’ve just started your personal…

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Pop-ups mobile email marketing

Safeguarding your SEO: Google and Pop-Ups

As a blogger or website owner, you know what happens when Google makes an announcement and how it can adversely impact your site’s rankings. In August of 2016, the big G announced it will begin penalizing websites for “intrusive interstitials” (aka pop-ups) on mobile sites in January of 2017. Google has stated that sites with…

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Making the Most of FeedBlitz: Simplifying the Subscription Form

This week, we continue our look at the FeedBlitz philosophy behind subscription forms. As mentioned last week, our approach is to keep the subscription form on your site as simple as possible. Any extra data collection or work (such as CAPTCHAs for anti-spam, custom fields or social media authentication dialogs) will take place on a…

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