New: Template Versioning

FeedBlitz now automatically saves prior versions of your email HTML templates when you save either an easy or an advanced template. Previous versions of your saved templates then appear in the “Prior Versions” section at the foot of each of the design editors. You can preview your current blog posts using any previously saved template with a single click, or reload a prior template into the appropriate template editor if you want or need to revert your design.

So if you mess up a template, you can now go back and start over! Or if you had a special holiday themed template, say, or one built for a special offer, you can now quickly and easily jump back to your standard design with a single click.

Note that when you load a prior template version, it doesn’t make that version active until you save it. So you can load, review and edit a prior version safely “ as long as you don’t save it.

Template versions have been kept since last week. The first time you load up a template editor for your list it will baseline the current template (if any) into the prior version database automatically, if one isn’t already there.

Manage your email’s layout and template by clicking the orange “Design” button, upper right on the list’s main page.