The FeedBlitz API: Simple Subscription Links

These links (URLs) allow a user to start the dual opt-in process. You can put these URLs in a sidebar, an email signature, or a web site widget. Using these links, you can ask a user to subscribe anywhere a URL can be used.

Programming Required: None
API Key Needed: No
Best suited for: Site publisher
Skill level: Basic
Good for: Adding a subscriber to your list

Getting the subscription form link

To generate the subscription URL you need to use, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account at FeedBlitz. Pick the list you want to add the subscriber to from the site dashboard.
  2. Click the “Form Code” button.
  3. Configure the subscription options (use “Email only” to keep things really simple).
  4. Copy the link generated and place wherever you want to use it.

If you have dynamically generated feeds where it’s difficult to generate all the mailing lists you want to use up front, you can instead subscribe the user to a feed or blog URL, and associate it with your publisher account. Learn more at – Developers can create custom forms, plugins and other user interfaces whose function is simply to generate this URL to start the dual opt-in process.

What Happens

FeedBlitz will present the subscription form for the content. When the user completes the form, FeedBlitz will go through the standard dual opt-in process.